Krosscoin – The First Church and Charity Centric Cryptocurrency


The church/charity ecosystem is in the billions of dollars globally. The Waves based Krosscoin project is a multifaceted project and multinational team that aims to bring much needed and overdue solutions to the church and charity space. Krosscoin will assist big ministries in migrating to the blockchain where products and materials can be paid for by krosscoin or their native asset.

Krosscoin will also create a matching pair with them to promote liquidity. Krosscoin innovative products will also have a global market with applications for different purposes. Ribbon is its first product and will be released at the end of July.

Ribbon is the world’s first multilingual in-messaging app. It boasts of other features which the Krosscoin core team will disclose shortly before its release.

The Krosscoin team however being the first coin to provide solutions for Churches, NGOs and Charities, actually has a global outlook. They plan to participate in the disruption of several industries such as ecommerce ( a product is being developed for that already), banking, business solutions, media, gaming, government, transportation, oil and gas and international remittance. They also aim to merge virtual gaming with real time charity, an interesting thing to see.

Krosscoin has a very strong community on Facebook and on its slack channel, comprising of people from all over the world. The Waves platform and community is definitely benefiting from the strong Krosscoin ecosystem.

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Instagram  that Facebook is changing its mission to not just merely connect the world (which they have done very remarkably) but to also promote unity and togetherness, to connect vitally. Krosscoin seems to be at the forefront in this regard to make this possible. It’s logo ‘’Lets make good happen’’ underscores the team’s mission.

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