FirstBlood token is pumping with AntShares and making more than 100% for 24h


Something incredible is going on today on cryptocurrency market. Antshares coin holders are already looking for the nearest Porsche car showroom, other afraid that rocket time will end soon and they are late. In that time FirstBlood also start boosting.

What is FirstBlood?

FirstBlood is a blockchain based eSports platform that allows players to directly challenge each other to matches and win rewards!

Here is introducing video:

It seems to be very interesting as investment but there is stat, that after burst there is 80% probability that on the next day it will dump. So, I think ANS will be alive tomorrow, but FirstBlood will go down, but on long term it’s very interesting project. eSport has a huge market and for last couple weeks Game Credits is not so active, that’s why I advise to get more information and check their news and releases. And if you want to know about them first:

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