Ethereum: cryptic diet after high-altitude flight


Ethereum had become one of the most popular cryptos next to Bitcoin in the past few months, which made the subject of Mining more prominent in the headlines with a strong price increase. Now the value of the token is already downhill for weeks.

Ethereum was last heavily responsible for a shortage of graphics cards , which even some absurd prices for used models introduced , but now the cryptocurrency has already lost nearly 50 percent of their value since mid-June. If a calculated ether was still trading for about 350 euros, it is now only around 170 euros. The market capitalization of Ethereum has thus fallen from around 42 million billion to around 25 million billion euros.

Whether the course loss is still just a speculative object, as well as the cause, other cryptic currencies have lost value over the last few weeks. If the trend continues, the lower demand would be due, however, again to be expected with a relaxation on the graphics card market – also by used offers from prospectors, with their cards now no worthwhile profits can retrace.


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