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iDice, an Ethereum Dice app has announced their official crowdsale at UTC 0:00 on June 16th, 2017 and ending at UTC 0:00 on June 30th, 2017. Since the official launch of iDice’s Beta platform 2 months ago, iDice has...
New York, June 9, 2017 – SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining), the universal fog supercomputer powered by blockchain technology, has announced its Initial Coin Offering, commencing June 15, 2017 and concluding July 15, 2017. By modifying the algorithms...
Over the past few months, there has been an increased focus on cryptocurrency ICOs. These initial coin offerings are a great way for investors to buy into a project at an affordable price. At the same time, the project...
The Token Fund is a cryptocurrency mutual fund where investors who do not know too much about the inner workings of the cryptocurrency markets can invest in many different digital assets all at once. Now there is obviously risk...
People active in bitcoin and altcoin circles are often referring to a trend known as “the flippening”. it is evident the cryptocurrency landscape is undergoing some major changes, even though some users remain oblivious to what is going on....




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