AntShares made from 0.16$ -> 6.45$ for 3 months. What is AntShares?


    Today AntShares are pumping, I saw them couple times on Bittrex, but I didn’t give attention to this coin. Today I saw that it made 6.45$ for last 3 month from 16 cents, so let’s talk a little about this token.

    Here is introduction video:

    Antshares is a decentralized and distributed ledger protocol that digitalizes real-world assets into digital ones, enabling registration, depository, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via a peer-to-peer network.

    Antshares keeps records of the transfers of digital assets with e-contracts. In Antshares, digital tokens generated by e-contracts function as general underlying data and could be used for recording titles and assets like equities, creditor’s claims, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills and currencies, and could be applied for areas like equity crowdfunding, equity trading, employee stock ownership plans, peer-to-peer financing, loyalty programs, private equity funds, and supply-chain financing, etc.


    Linking the Real-World with Compliance

    – Replacing Tokens with E-Contracts
    The transfer on Antshare is conducted in the form the e-contracts. In most cases, the transfer of assets requires the digital signatures signed with the private keys from both the sender and the receiver. In certain cases, an extra signature from the issuer of the asset is required. Recording transfers of assets on the Antshare is merely an onchain solution of the transfer of offchain assets. There are no new legal relationships that parties could enter into, so unlike the tokenization, flaws in laws are eliminated.

    – User-Controlled Identity Authentication

    Antshare employs digital certificate to perform user identity authentication. Users (individuals or institutions) may apply for digital certificates from the certificate authority (CA) to prove the correlation between the identity and the public key controlled. CAs will not be appointed by Antshare, but freely chosen by the parties of a trade. For example, Chinese users may choose any one of the 38 CAs recognized by the MIIT, or choose the company who registered the equity to be the CA, to perform identity authentication and issue the certificate.Rather than the X.509 digital certificate solution, Antshare employs blockchain to maintain the certificate revocation list and is set to gradually develop a blockchain-based digital certificate and identity authentication solution.

    Meeting the Demands of Financial Trades

    – Certainty Bookkeeping without Forks
    Antshares uses Joint mode for bookkeeping. Joint mode is advantageous over consistency and finality, it requires nodes to authenticate themselves to achieve a weak trust from other nodes.

    – We Use Fiat Currency
    Crypto-currencies like bitcoin could deliver a sound function as the medium of exchange, i.e. users may transfer assets globally via bitcoin. However, inflexible supply of crypto-currencies makes them highly volatile in price and jeopardizes their capacity to function as bookkeeping units and value storage.This is to say, while ANS is the stake and ANC is the gas, fiat currency can be directly used as currency on the Antshares Blockchain.

    – The Division of Labor of Nodes and their Professionalization
    With Antshare, our design goal is to have a clear division of the system’s workload. Bookkeeping nodes are at the center of the Antshare Blockchain. They are trusted by the holders of AntShares in reaching consensus and generating new blocks. Full nodes are critical participants of the Antshare network. They are run by service providers to store complete historical data and detect and relay transactions.

    Highly Scalable Framework Design

    – Low Latency, High Throughput and Pluggable
    At the moment, the block generating rate is manually set at 15 seconds. With low enough latency in inter-nodes connection in the future, most blocks will be generated by every 1 second. With the bandwidth at 100Mbit/t and external cryptographic computing hardware, the Antshare Blockchain is capable of handling thousands, if no tens of thousands, of transactions per second.

    – Hierarchical Design and Superconducting Transaction
    Our hierarchical design places the order-book-keeping and order-matching functions on the second layer while achieving the full trading capacity through a mechanism called superconducting transaction.

    dBFT Consensus Algorithm

    AntShares are supported by Alibaba and WeChat, that means that coin has great potential!

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